Frequently Asked - Amazon - FBA Questions

Are you in a SALES TAX free state?

Yes, we are located in MONTANA which is a sales tax free state. This is important for many online arbitrage sellers, as it can save a lot of money in having items shipped with no sales tax. 

Do you charge a set-up fee or monthly membership fee?

 No. We feel with the way our business is structured, it is unnecessary. 

What is the process for Online Arbitrage?

  1. You shop online and have the items shipped to us (we are in a tax-free state, which saves you money).

2. We receive your items, unbox, count, and do a visual inspection.

3. We periodically (weekly, or bi-weekly, for example) prep and process your items in a batch job. This includes the FNSKU labeling.

4. As part of #3, we verify the shipping plans for you from your Amazon seller central account, and generate the shipping labels for the outbound cartons.

5. We ship your cartons to FBA warehouses (Fulfillment Centers).

Do you work with ONLINE ARBITRAGE FBA sellers, or only wholesale and private label?

 Yes, we work with online arbitrage sellers!   Our goal is to help your grow.  We receive, prep, and ship new products only.  We do not process books.

Can you process my items, after a certain amount of items have arrived?

 Yes, absolutely. You are in control of when you want to ship to Amazon. This is especially applicable to online arbitrage of new products. We can receive products that trickle in from suppliers, and then ship to Amazon when you are ready. Be advised that storage fees may apply if your products sit for 7 days or more. Also, please note that we do not offer this service for "one by one" arbitrage or used books--it is offered for new products only. Contact us for pricing and more details. 

Do you handle RETURNS?

 Yes, by prior arrangement. Please contact our customer service with your return request. 

Can I send part of my inventory to you, and the remainder to a storage facility in Montana for later sales in Amazon?

 Yes! Split up your shipments by sending part to us, and storing the remainder with our storage partner. As your stock on Amazon runs low, we can help you restock as needed. This saves you on Sales Tax and convenience. Contact us for storage pricing and more details. 

Are you close to an Amazon FBA Warehouse, and what will be the cost to ship my products to Amazon?

 No. Montana is CENTRALLY located in the USA. However, are you familiar with "distributed inventory placement". By default, when you create a shipping plan, your shipment may be divided into multiple shipments, each directed to a different fulfillment center. This division is called distributed inventory placement. Units of an ASIN will be sent to a maximum of three destination fulfillment centers in the U.S. The destination fulfillment centers are selected based on the products you're shipping and where you are shipping from. By having your inventory spread across multiple fulfillment centers across the country, the person who buys your product will receive it faster than they would if your inventory was in a single fulfillment center farther away from the buyer.  Amazon has contracted huge discounts for shipping and passed them on to you. You are charged shipping, through your Seller Central Account, the cost of each shipment to Amazon. We do not pay those charges for you and they are not included in our prices.  

How long will it take to process my orders?

 We try to process your shipment within one to three business days. For larger orders or if you requested a large amount of extra processing, this time may be extended. We may also need additional information from you before your shipment can go to Amazon, which may delay the process. 

When will you charge my credit card?

 We do not charge your credit card until all the prep work is complete, and your items are ready to ship to Amazon. In a related topic, our policy is to not start work on a job until an account is officially set up with a credit card on file.  We also do our best to save you money, re-use your boxes, etc. and help keep you as a customer!

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